Something about Heating element

Resistance wire

Resistance wire is electrically body of heated tube heating element, and its function is to convert electrical energy into heat energy, normally divided into iron resistance and nickel resistance two series, each phase can not wire performance, there is a big gap compared to the resistance wire and abroad, since different factory made different resistance.

  1. high temperature heating tube heater for Ni-Cr wire, temperature 1400ºC;
  2. low temperature heating tube heater for Fe-Cr wire, temperature 1500ºC, Disadvantages: easily oxidized, short life.
  3. watt density heating pipes where R angle lower than the linear part of the heating temperature difference between the two will be around 20ºC, after oil treatment will be controlled at around 10ºC.
  4. hotline diameter between ø0.12 to ø0.6. 3.

 MgO oxide powder

Mgo oxide powder mainly used in the central heating pipes fixed position resistance wire to ensure uncharged metal shell (insulation), the thermal conduction resistance wire issue out and so on. The main purpose according to production methods and can be divided into the following four categories,

1), ordinary type classification code P

2), low moisture-type classification code D

3), the warm moisture-type classification code Z

4), high-temperature magnesium oxide classification code G

powder performance requirements;

1, when the operating temperature, MgO powder should have a high thermal conductivity in order to quickly transfer heat to the tube surface up,making the temperature of the resistance wire and the wall closer;

2, when the work when the temperature in the 1100 ℃, MgO powder should have better insulation properties;

3, MgO powder particles must have a certain degree of granularity. and has a certain percentage content of particles, plus powder easily damaged when heating wire, to ensure without any difficulty filling meal;

4, MgO powder should have no corrosion phenomenon on both in the case of room temperature or high temperature heating wire and tubing material.



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